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Muirfield Lakes Golf Club Helps Golfers Get Back on Course

Inspired by the generous actions of one long-time member, Muirfield Lakes Golf Club (MLGC) extends the opportunity to golf at no cost to those financially impacted by COVID-19.

“Through the kind donations of the membership at the course, we have now established a bank of 70+ complimentary rounds of golf at MLGC that we want to distribute to golfers in Southern Alberta who may have had to put the clubs away this season due to financial constraints triggered by COVID-19,” states Julian Klatzel, general manager at MLGC. “We have called this program, ‘Golfers Helping Golfers’ – because that’s exactly what it is.”

MLGC member and avid golfer Dean Horning saw a Tweet in early May from another avid golfer stating that although she was happy that golf courses are able to operate, due to implications from the COVID-19 pandemic her and her husband had both been laid off and couldn’t afford to play golf this season. Horning responded to her on Twitter, and generously offered to purchase them a round of golf so they could continue their passion for golf, despite the circumstances.

Furthermore, Horning quickly approached MLGC and his fellow members at the course to extend this campaign beyond one family, to others who may be in a similar position. The “bank” of complimentary rounds of golf purchased and donated by the membership at MLGC quickly grew, with the course matching one additional round for every two rounds donated.

“The ability to stay active in a sport you are passionate about, like golf, can have so many benefits and lift your spirits no matter what your situation,” says Horning.

Currently, MLGC wants to hear from those golfers who due to financial impact caused by COVID-19 are unable to golf this season. There are no formal qualification criteria; however, “golfers can post their story on any of our social channels in the comments beneath our ‘Golfers Helping Golfers’ posts, or submit a private message or e-mail directly to us in order to qualify for one of these free rounds of golf,” explains Klatzel. These stories are collected and reviewed independently by a panel of MLGC members. “Everything is included for their day, and we hope to start getting these golfers out on the course, enjoying their passion within the next week.”

Located 20 minutes east of Calgary, Muirfield Lakes Golf Club (MLGC) is a semi-private 18-hole golf course located in the Lakes of Muirfield residential community at Lyalta, Alberta.

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